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Juliet - Anne Fortier Okay, I feel terrible about not finishing an ARC that I requested. But I just can't seem to drum up enough interest to read on. (Read maybe 70-80 pages, a decent sampling.) It's not like it's awful, and I do enjoy the feeling of being in Sienna again. The primary problem is that I just don't quite believe in the characters. They don't feel alive to me. The heroine is just a bit annoying and seems a bit slow on the uptake. (It never occured to a self-professed Romeo & Juliet expert that Shakespeare might have based his play on a tale from other sources?) The sister is cartoonishly mean. It raises an interesting question about writing believable characters. Why are what should be cartoonish characters like Willy Wonka or the Dursleys believable while characters in much more realistic books often are not? Hmm.

Well, I will pass my copy on to other readers who may be able to appreciate it more than I can.